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Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Lincoln Parks Foundation have been selected by virtue of their demonstrated interest in maintaining and improving the high quality of the Parks and Recreation system in Lincoln, Nebraska and because of their integrity and fine reputations within the community.  A retiring Director may be considered for Emeritus status if exemplary service has been shown during their time on the Board, as determined by the Nominating Committee. A Trustee may not be a Director of the Foundation when serving as a Trustee. There is no limit to the number of Trustees who can serve at one time. The names of all Trustees, living or deceased(indicated with a *), are carried on the Board’s membership rolls until the Board of Directors decide otherwise.

Current Board of Trustees

  • Jim Abel
  • Duane Acklie*
  • Phyllis Acklie
  • Mary Arth
  • Shirley Bair
  • Chris & Judy Beutler
  • Loel Brooks
  • Dick Campbell
  • Doug Carper
  • Mary Carper
  • Christie Dionisopoulos
  • JeNeane Dodson
  • Roger Dodson*
  • Curt Donaldson
  • Marg Donlan
  • Rich Finke
  • Luann Finke
  • Leslie Gordon
  • Don Hamann*
  • Albert Hamersky*
  • William Harvey
  • Bob Helm
  • Sandy Hilsabeck-Hastings
  • Vicki Huff
  • Jean Jennings
  • Dale Jensen
  • Jolanda Junge
  • Sophia Kontras*
  • Glenn Korff*
  • Liz Lange
  • Roger Larson*
  • Roger Ludemann
  • Bob Northrup
  • Loel & Patty Pansing-Brooks
  • Mike Seacrest*
  • Jerry & Patty Shorney
  • Tom Smith
  • Jim Stuart, Jr*.
  • Clancy Woolman*
  • Bruce Wright
  • NAPF