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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations regarding Inscribed Pavers, Bricks, Tiles and Plaques to be Placed in Parks and Public Garden Areas


The City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department provides a number of opportunities for inscribed bricks, pavers and plaques to be placed on publicly owned and managed parkland.  Examples of such opportunities include inscribed pavers in Sunken Gardens and in the Hamann Rose Garden at Antelope Park, inscribed bricks in the Veterans Memorial Garden, inscribed stonewall tiles in Union Plaza, and bronze plaques associated with donated park improvements such as benches and drinking fountains.  Donors propose the wording that they would like have placed on the pavers, bricks and plaques.  Pavers, bricks and plaques become the property of the City of Lincoln, and as such, the Parks and Recreation Department has the responsibility to review and approve wording to assure that it meets acceptable standards.  By allowing inscribed pavers, bricks and plaques, the City of Lincoln is not intending  to create a public forum with no restrictions on the wording included, but rather is intending to create a limited forum for inscribed pavers, pavers and inscribed bricks only under certain stated restrictions.

Inscriptions on pavers, bricks, tiles and bronze plaques to be placed in parks and public garden areas are intended to be a tribute to a person or persons.  Inscriptions shall typically include the name(s) of the honoree(s), and may include a brief message of tribute or remembrance.  Inscriptions may include the name of a business or commercial enterprise when a business is being recognized for a donation or service to the community.  The inscription may not include a slogan, logo, or wording that would be considered by the average person to be advertising.  

Inscriptions on bricks and panels at the Veterans memorial garden are intended to be a tribute to a veteran of the United States military service, or to the member of an immediate family of a veteran.  Inscriptions shall typically include the name of the honoree, and may include rank, service unit and years of service.

In all instances, inscriptions may not include reference to race, religion, color, deity, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, disability status, or political affiliation.





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